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Teaching hospitals and consent

From Tuesday’s Globe and Mail Published on Tuesday, Feb. 02, 2010 12:00AM EST

Re Time To End Pelvic Exams Done Without Consent (Life, Jan. 28): Medical students would not “parade” into the operating room after a gynecologic procedure is finished, to undertake a pelvic floor examination on an anaesthetized woman. The usual practice is for a single medical student to be present throughout as a member of the surgical team.

In Calgary, patients give written consent for medical students to be involved in their surgical care, including medically necessary examinations, and patients are specifically informed before surgery, by the surgeon, that they may be examined by a trainee. If a patient objects, their wishes are honoured.

A medical student can only undertake a pelvic exam if the exam is required as part of surgery and the student is part of the surgical team.

Dr. Sara Wainberg’s paper discussed women’s attitudes to pelvic floor examinations being undertaken by medical students, in relation to consent. The concern expressed by a number of scholars is whether implicit consent for pelvic-floor exam under anesthetic, by a trainee, as recommended by the Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada guidelines, is sufficient.

Implicit consent should be supplemented by the surgeon explicitly informing the patient that she may be examined by a trainee, as stressed by the guidelines. Of paramount concern is the need for medical students to learn basic examination techniques in a safe, well supervised setting. In the case of pelvic examination on an anaesthetized woman, it is also important to ensure the patient is adequately informed.

Sue Ross, director of research; R. Douglas Wilson, head, Obstetrics and Gynecology, University of Calgary

Gutsy research: UCalgary GI doctor receives international award

March 26, 2009 3 comments

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By Laurie Wang

Dr. Martin Storr

Dr. Martin Storr

Dr. Martin Storr loves your guts. Well, he certainly likes to study them.

Winning the Junior Investigator Research Award from the International Foundation for Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders (IFFGD), the Faculty of Medicine clinician-scientist was thrilled when he found out.

“I opened a bottle!” Storr smiles.

The IFFGD recognizes active investigators who have a record of research interest in basic mechanisms or clinical aspects of functional gastrointestinal and motility disorders. The foundation honors young scientists who have done strong translational research, taking the basic science at the lab bench to the patient’s bedside.

“To me, the gut is central to the body. We start with the gut in the morning at the washroom and the breakfast and we end with a gut feeling at night,” he says. “That’s why it’s always attracted me.”

To date, Storr has published 77 peer-reviewed studies in his field.

“I study how the gut functions and how it protects itself. I’m looking specifically at the regulatory role of the endocannabinoid and endoopioid systems,” explains Storr, an associate professor in the Division of Gastroenterology.

Both the endocannabinoid and endoopioid systems are regulatory systems in our bodies that control gastrointestinal function. Storr is interested in developing potential therapeutics that target these systems in hopes of battling functional gastrointestinal disorders.

“Functional gastrointestinal disorders are associated with numerous symptoms like nausea, vomiting, bloating, difficulties swallowing, abdominal discomfort and pain, as well as altered bowel habits,” he says.

Storr thanks the people at UCalgary for supporting his ideas, protecting his time and encouraging his academic endeavours.

“I came here as a full-time member in 2007 because in this position, I have enough protected time to plan and perform sophisticated research and to develop concepts and strategic plans for my translational approaches,” he says. “I used to have to wait until nighttime to think academic thoughts, but now, I get to think about my studies during the day and I have time to do the research I like.”

Martin Storr will receive his award at the 8th International Symposium on Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in mid April.

About the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Calgary

The U of C’s Faculty of Medicine is a national leader in health research with an international reputation for excellence and innovation in health care research, education and delivery. Through its educational programs, the Faculty of Medicine trains the physicians and scientists who will lead the next generation of health practitioners. Through its clinical work, continuing medical education programs, and close relationship with the Calgary Health Region, the Faculty of Medicine moves new treatments and diagnostic techniques from the laboratory bench to the hospital bedside efficiently and effectively, improving patient care.

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MacQueen appointed Head, Department of Psychiatry

February 25, 2009 1 comment

Dr. Glenda MacQueen

Dr. Glenda MacQueen

I am pleased to announce that Glenda MacQueen, MD, FRCPC, PhD has been appointed to the position of Head of the Department of Psychiatry for the Faculty of Medicine and Regional Clinical Department Head, Psychiatry for the Calgary Health Region, as of September 1, 2008.

Dr. MacQueen joins us from McMaster University where she is an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neurosciences and the Academic Director of the Mood Disorders Program at St. Joseph’s Health Care Centre in Hamilton, Ontario. She is a founding member of the Brain Body Institute and an associate member of the Intestinal Diseases Research Program.

Dr. MacQueen is the Coordinator for Psychiatry and Behavioral Neurosciences Clinical Investigator’s Program for the Faculty of Health Sciences at McMaster University. She is very involved in graduate and postgraduate training programs and she recently received the 2008 award for Excellence in Research Mentoring from the Dept of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neurosciences at McMaster.

Dr. MacQueen’s research interests are on structural and functional brain changes associated with mood disorders and the factors that predict outcome in mood disorders. Her work has been funded by national and international funding agencies including the Canadian Institutes for Health Research, the Canadian Psychiatric Research Foundation, the National Alliance for Research in Schizophrenia and Affective Disorders, the Stanley Medical Research Foundation, the Ontario Mental Health Foundation, the Scottish Rite Foundation and the National Centre of Excellence AllerGen Inc. Dr MacQueen received the Innovations in Neuropsychopharmacology Research Award for 2008 from the Canadian College of Neuropsychopharmacology.

She is currently serving as the Scientific Officer for the Canadian Institutes of Health Research Behavioral Sciences B committee. She is also a member of the Canada Research Chairs College of Reviewers and sits on the Editorial Board of the Canadian Journal of Psychiatry and the Chronicles of Neurology and Psychiatry. She is a clinical editor of the Current Medical Literature Psychiatry series.

Glenda MacQueen is an outstanding addition to our Faculty and will take the lead in positioning UCalgary’s Faculty of Medicine as a leader in mental health education, management and research. Please join me in welcoming her to Calgary and to her new role.

Tom Feasby, MD
Dean, Faculty of Medicine

2008 University of Calgary – Faculty of Medicine. All rights reserved.

Kellner appointed Head, Department of Paediatrics

Dr. Jim Kellner

I am pleased to announce that James Kellner, MD, M.Sc, FRCPC has been appointed to the position of Head of the Department of Paediatrics for the Faculty of Medicine and Regional Clinical Department Head, Pediatrics, Calgary Health Region, as of October 1, 2008.

Dr. Kellner is currently Head, Division of Pediatric Infectious Diseases, Deputy Head (Research and Administration), Department of Paediatrics and Associate Director of the Institute of Maternal and Child Health. He is a professor in the departments of Paediatrics; Microbiology and Infectious Diseases; and Community Health Sciences.

He received his MD degree from the University of Calgary (Calgary, Alberta, Canada) and his M.Sc (Clinical Epidemiology) from the University of Toronto (Toronto, Ontario, Canada). He trained in pediatrics in Calgary and Toronto, where he was Chief Resident at the Hospital for Sick Children (Toronto, Ontario, Canada). After a fellowship and practice in Emergency Pediatrics for five years, he received training in Infectious Diseases in Toronto.

Dr. Kellner’s main research interest is in the the epidemiology and prevention of Streptococcus pneumoniae infections. He has authored close to 60 peer-reviewed papers in and his research has been funded by the Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research, the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation and the Canadian Infectious Diseases Society.

“I am very honoured and excited to be given the opportunity to lead the Department of Pediatrics. The Department has grown tremendously over the last several years to provide increased specialty and sub-specialized clinical services to children and families throughout Calgary and southern Alberta,” says Dr. Kellner.

“In addition, we are training more undergraduate and postgraduate health care workers and researchers, and our researchers are tackling an increasing array of health issues to increase knowledge and develop solutions that will promote, restore and retain the health of children.”

“I look forward to working with colleagues and staff in the Department and with our partners to meet this challenge!”

Please join me in welcoming Dr. Kellner to his new leadership role.

Tom Feasby, MD
Dean, Faculty of Medicine