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Kellner appointed Head, Department of Paediatrics

Dr. Jim Kellner

I am pleased to announce that James Kellner, MD, M.Sc, FRCPC has been appointed to the position of Head of the Department of Paediatrics for the Faculty of Medicine and Regional Clinical Department Head, Pediatrics, Calgary Health Region, as of October 1, 2008.

Dr. Kellner is currently Head, Division of Pediatric Infectious Diseases, Deputy Head (Research and Administration), Department of Paediatrics and Associate Director of the Institute of Maternal and Child Health. He is a professor in the departments of Paediatrics; Microbiology and Infectious Diseases; and Community Health Sciences.

He received his MD degree from the University of Calgary (Calgary, Alberta, Canada) and his M.Sc (Clinical Epidemiology) from the University of Toronto (Toronto, Ontario, Canada). He trained in pediatrics in Calgary and Toronto, where he was Chief Resident at the Hospital for Sick Children (Toronto, Ontario, Canada). After a fellowship and practice in Emergency Pediatrics for five years, he received training in Infectious Diseases in Toronto.

Dr. Kellner’s main research interest is in the the epidemiology and prevention of Streptococcus pneumoniae infections. He has authored close to 60 peer-reviewed papers in and his research has been funded by the Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research, the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation and the Canadian Infectious Diseases Society.

“I am very honoured and excited to be given the opportunity to lead the Department of Pediatrics. The Department has grown tremendously over the last several years to provide increased specialty and sub-specialized clinical services to children and families throughout Calgary and southern Alberta,” says Dr. Kellner.

“In addition, we are training more undergraduate and postgraduate health care workers and researchers, and our researchers are tackling an increasing array of health issues to increase knowledge and develop solutions that will promote, restore and retain the health of children.”

“I look forward to working with colleagues and staff in the Department and with our partners to meet this challenge!”

Please join me in welcoming Dr. Kellner to his new leadership role.

Tom Feasby, MD
Dean, Faculty of Medicine

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