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Faculty of Medicine celebrates excellence

By Laurie Wang
Posted February 5, 2009

Recognition, excitement and pride. These are some of the things more than 300 people felt at the inaugural Celebration of Excellence on Wednesday.

Faculty, staff and students gathered in the Health Research Innovation Centre (HRIC) atrium at noon to celebrate the 23 faculty who won prestigious external prizes and awards in 2008—from the Gairdner International Award, to the Globe and Mail’s Top 100 Most Powerful Women, the Family Physician of the Year award and more.

“We have more people here than we expected,” says Wee Yong, PhD, with a grin. “It is great to see so many people here celebrating the success of our faculty.” Yong was the emcee for the event. He is chair of the Awards and Recognition Committee, whose function is to facilitate the process in which appropriate nominees are put forth for various awards.

The committee was created by Dr. Tom Feasby, dean, Faculty of Medicine. “I knew that leading universities take a systematic approach to nominating their faculty members for awards and I knew we were missing opportunities. So, I approached Wee with the idea of forming a committee and asked him—the most ‘can-do’ person I know—to lead it,” says Feasby. Yong was also a winner in 2008, named one of the 20 Compelling Calgarians by the Calgary Herald.

Dr. Rosie Goldstein, Vice President, Research, UCalgary, was also in attendance. “Today we recognize your innovations and drive for scientific achievement, your mentoring, dedication and talent in education, educating the next generation of health care providers and researchers, and your service to community.”

She couldn’t help but mention 2008 Gairdner Laureate Samuel Weiss, PhD, in her speech, poking a bit of fun at him. “Over the past year, many people have mentioned to Sam Weiss that roughly a quarter of Gairdner award recipients also go on to receive a Nobel Prize, but I won’t mention it. I won’t add to the pressure,” Goldstein smiles.

Besides a faculty member winning a Gairdner in 2008, the Faculty of Medicine boasts a member who had an award named after him: Dr. John D. Reynolds. Reynolds received the first John D. Reynolds Award from the Canadian Society for Immunology.

“It’s very rare for an award to be named after a living individual. Congratulations John!” says Yong as the crowd chuckles.

The Celebration of Excellence will be an annual event at the Faculty of Medicine, and each year, the Faculty hopes to add even more people to the list of individuals to celebrate.

“Our members are some of the best and brightest in their fields. I look forward to celebrating even more successes with everyone next year,” says Feasby.

2008 Faculty of Medicine external award recipients

Dr. Jenn Brenner
One of the Top 5 Canadians to Watch by World Vision

Dr. Norm Campbell
Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada’s Leadership Award in Heart Healthy Policy

Dr. Linda Carlson
William E. Rawls Prize in Oncology

Dr. Rod Crutcher
Award for Improvement of Social Infrastructure/Condition (for the Sudanese Physician Reintegration Program) by the Canadian International Development Agency

Dr. Tyrone Donnon
Certificate of Merit Award from the Canadian Association for Medical Education

Dr. Kathryn J. Hannah
Canadian Nurses’ Association Centennial Award

Dr. David Hart
Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences

Dr. Jennifer Hatfield
One of the Globe and Mail’s Top 100 Most Powerful Women

Dr. Robert Herman
2008 Osler Award from the Canadian Society of Internal Medicine

Dr. Deirdre Jenkins
Certificate of Merit Award from the Canadian Association for Medical Education

Dr. Renee Martin
Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada

Dr. John Parboosingh
Duncan Graham Award from the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons

Dr. Man-Chiu Poon
World Federation of Hemophilia 2008 International Healthcare Volunteer Award

Dr. John Reynolds
John D. Reynolds Award created in his name by the Canadian Society for Immunology

Dr. Robert Sheldon
Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences

Dr. Mark Sosnowski
Family Physician of the Year by the College of Family Physicians of Canada

Dr. Garnette Sutherland
Calgary Awards Signature Award

Dr. Roger Thompson
Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada’s Henry J.M. Barnett Scholarship

Dr. John Wallace
Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada &
BioAlberta’s Award in Scientific Achievement and Innovation

Dr. Sam Weiss
2008 Gairdner International Award

Dr. George Wyse
Canadian Cardiovascular Congress Annual Achievement Award

Dr. Voon Wee Yong
20 Compelling Calgarians Award from the Calgary Herald

Dr. Gerald Zamponi
Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada/

About the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Calgary
UCalgary’s Faculty of Medicine is a national leader in health research with an international reputation for excellence and innovation in health care research, education and delivery. We train the next generation of health practitioners and move new treatments and diagnostic techniques from the laboratory bench to the hospital bedside, improving patient care.

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