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Our Residents Are Professionals

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Ben Thomson
PGY2 Internal Medicine Resident

Dr. Ben Thomson

Dr. Ben Thomson

As an international medical graduate from Ireland, I have been incredibly fortunate to be surrounded by world-class residents and medical and nursing staff. They have taught me that being a professional means giving back more than we get, whether it be by going beyond standard patient care, providing exceptional teaching, encouraging ground breaking research, or simply by being a caring and decent colleague who provides a superb working environment.

University of Calgary is full of professionals who give back more than they can get, and in so, truly make this a world-class place to enjoy working in everyday. As a PGY-2 resident in internal medicine, I’m always moving forward in my internal medicine training. I recognize now that the professional must learn to be moved and touched emotionally, yet at the same time stand back objectively. This balance is an integral part of every resident and staff member here at UCalgary, making this a wonderful place to work!


The role of Professional describes the societal responsibility of each physician that is guided by codes of ethics, a commitment to clinical competence and personal well-being, the embracing of appropriate attitudes and behaviors, integrity, altruism, and the promotion of the public good. Our residents:

1. Demonstrate a commitment to their patients, profession, and society through ethical practice;

2. Demonstrate a commitment to their patients, profession, and society through participation in profession-led regulation;

3. Demonstrate a commitment to physician health and sustainable practice.*

*Copyright The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada

About the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Calgary
UCalgary’s Faculty of Medicine is a national leader in health research with an international reputation for excellence and innovation in health care research, education and delivery. Through its educational programs, the Faculty of Medicine trains the physicians and scientists who will lead the next generation of health practitioners. Through its clinical work, continuing medical education programs and close relationship with Alberta Health Services, the Faculty of Medicine moves new treatments and diagnostic techniques from the laboratory bench to the hospital bedside efficiently and effectively, improving patient care.
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