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Our Residents Are Scholars

Part 6 of 7

Naminder Sandhu
PGY2 Pediatrics Resident

Dr. Naminder Sandhu

Dr. Naminder Sandhu

The beauty of medicine is that there is such a wide array of fields of practice to pique the interest of students and residents. I’m very happy with my decision to pursue pediatrics, but even as a second year resident, I can’t say there is one particular subspecialty that I know I’m supposed to be in, for I love all aspects of medicine.

Residents are scholars. To me, a scholar is a person who has dedicated themselves to study and pursue mastery in an area of interest. It’s not a term we think of routinely, but we as residents are definitely part of the world of scholars who try to find answers and solutions to problems, with a special focus in medicine. I think the boundaries of what defines medicine are vast and can be interpreted in various ways to encompass research and academia; ethics and psychosocial and cultural principles; or clinical skills.

As a resident, you become conditioned to hard work, managing an impressive learning curve, and facing the struggles of balancing work and play (for the sake of sanity!) But the most valuable point I’ve learned and carry with me on a regular basis is the appreciation of how privileged I am to be allowed into the personal and private lives of other human beings who trust me to make a difference.


In the Scholar role physicians demonstrate a lifelong commitment to:

1. Maintain and enhance professional activities through ongoing learning;

2. Critically evaluate information and its sources, and apply this appropriately to practice decisions;

3. Facilitate the learning of patients, families, students, residents, other health professionals, the public, and others, as appropriate;

4. Contribute to the creation, dissemination, application, and translation of new medical knowledge and practices.*

*Copyright The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada

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