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Our Residents Are Communicators

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Mike Monument
PGY3 Orthopaedic Surgery Resident

Dr. Mike Monument

Dr. Mike Monument

It was a great experience to complete my undergraduate medical education at the UCalgary and since then I’ve been privileged to pursue specialized training within orthopaedic surgery, also at UCalgary.

Residents are communicators. Communication is, undoubtedly, one of the most important skills in medicine and a skill-set used every day as a resident. Effective communication enhances the delivery of patient care, develops cohesion within the medical team and is an integral component of resident education here.

I have a particular interest in musculoskeletal trauma and I’m always impressed at the level of care that is provided to patients and their families here in Calgary. There is no doubt residency is challenging in many ways, but the surgical training we receive here is exceptional and I’m proud to take part in it.


The role of Communicator includes the varied dynamic exchanges that occur with patients and their families before, during, and after a medical encounter. During their training our residents will:

1. Develop rapport, trust, and ethical therapeutic relationships with patients and families;

2. Accurately elicit and synthesize relevant information and perspectives of patients and families, colleagues and other professionals;

3. Accurately convey relevant information and explanations to patients and families, colleagues and other professionals;

4. Develop a common understanding on issues, problems and plans with patients and families, colleagues and other professionals to develop a shared plan of care;

5. Convey effective oral and written information about a medical encounter.*

*Copyright The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada

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